Resolving Family Conflicts in Lockdown with Faith and Compassion


Resolving Family Conflicts in Lockdown with Faith and Compassion

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Resolving Family Conflicts in Lockdown With Faith and Compassion


Most of us have been self-isolating and social-distancing for months. As we spend more time at home and with family, it’s natural for stress and conflicts to arise. With any hope, these compassionate words of guidance will help with some of the issues arising in your own home.


“My Children are Driving Me Up The Wall”


Having your kids at home more during the pandemic can be a blessing in so many ways — except for when it makes it hard for you or your spouse to work from home. As with any loving relationship, patience is key. Setting up a schedule can also help you create boundaries and more work-life balance. Talk with your family about this schedule but also consider talking to your employer about more flexible hours.


Including frequent naps into your lockdown schedule will help you get more work down, but you’ll also need a few ideas for keeping your kids busy when they’re awake. For kids of all ages, budget-friendly STEM experiments are a good way to keep occupied. You’ll also have the added peace of mind of knowing they’re learning while having fun.


If it comes down to it, video games are also a practical solution. Your kids shouldn’t be playing games 24/7, but allowing them extra screen time is an expert-approved solution for taming tensions in lockdown. To prevent gaming from interrupting your remote work, look into upgrading your home internet to a fiber optic connection that’s as fast as it is reliable.


“I’m Having a Hard Time Liking My Spouse”


You committed to spending the rest of your lives together. Still, spending every minute of the day together can be a lot for any couple. Things can feel even more intense if you are both working from home in the same space. However, there are steps you can take to mitigate this stress. If possible, find spots in your home where you can each set up shop with minimal distractions. You could also take turns using home office space if you don’t have extra room to spare.


When dislike feels like it’s turned into disdain, some deep contemplation may be needed. Often, couples feel “hatred” for one another when they are hurt or angry. If you or your spouse have spoken words of hate out loud, healing will require a little more effort. Try to keep in mind that your words were said in the heat of an argument, so try to find common ground with each other. Remember, God had a plan when he brought the two of you together.


If you are struggling to move past conflict in lockdown, it’s also okay to seek help from a counselor. Check in with your church to see if they have recommendations for a Christian pastor or counselor to help you mend your relationship. Many counselors may even be offering virtual therapy sessions to help their clients practice social-distancing.


“My Family Doesn’t Agree With Social-Distancing”


This is such a tough dilemma but one that so many people are facing. Because these are such uncertain times, divisions are threatening to tear our families, our communities, and our faith apart. When you feel frustrated with loved ones because you disagree about social-distancing or any other matter, remember these Words:


“You, then, why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt? For we will all stand before God’s judgment seat.” — Romans 14:1-10 (NIV)


Try to understand the motives and emotions behind your loved ones’ opinions. Remember that we are all dealing with this crisis the best way we know how. We’re all experiencing changes and challenges. We’re all trying to honor Christ with our choices, no matter how different.


During stressful times, we need to remember our love for one another. But we also need to seek guidance when needed. Above all, we need to remember God’s love for us all. God has a plan for each of us. If you need help finding or following your path to an abundant life, let the wisdom and words of Pastor Lee guide you.


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