Breaking the Generational Curse


Breaking the Generational Curse

We have all heard of the generational curse.  In the passage in Exodus (Exodus 20:5) where we get the Ten Commandments, the Lord lays down a principle that many refer to as the ‘generational curse.’  The Lord says the iniquity of the fathers is passed down to the children to the third and fourth generation.  But what is iniquity?  

Iniquity is sin, but not necessarily an action, but a thought or emotion that goes against the will and character of God.  The sinful nature has caused the mind of man to work against the ways of God.  This is why we must be transformed by the renewing of our mind.  The most influential people in our life, both positive and negative influence, affect the way we think.

When the influential people in our life, which would include our parents whether present or absent, love us with what I call self-benefitting love, it creates thoughts about ourselves that go directly against the Word of God.  Self-beneficial love is found in relationships where people are good, kind, patient, and graceful to you so long as you are making their life better or easier, but as soon as you do something that hurts them or gets in the way of their agenda, they become harsh.  They are loving you with self-beneficial love.  

When their reaction to you causes feelings of being ridiculed or put down, it creates insecurity.  Insecurity creates pain because a natural desire is to be loved and accepted and when we are not, it hurts.  Then hurt produces anger, resentment, sadness, depression.  These are all subconscious things we do attempting to let people know what they are doing and saying is hurting us.  These emotional wounds cause us to love to be loved.  We love people trying to get them to love us to soothe the pain that comes from feeling as though we are somehow less than and not good enough.  Without realizing it, we begin to operate in self-beneficial love because all that we do has an ulterior motive of gaining someone else’s love and acceptance.  Our love comes with strings attached.  And when we love our children this way, the curse continues to the next generation.  The good news I have for you is that God has called you to be a Curse-Breaker.

The generational curse found in Exodus as a second part.  God promises to love and bless for one thousand generations those who love Him and follow His commands.

The commands of God are not a list of rules we need to comply with in order to satisfy the anger of a distant God.  No, all of the commands of God serve like a How-to book.  The commands of God reveal to us how to love God, love ourselves, love our neighbors, and love our enemies.  Love breaks the curse and the commands of God direct our steps.

Do you have a Bible at home?  If so, that is the most important thing in your house to tear up the generational curse so that your children are healthy emotionally and spiritually.  When you break the curse, the hearts of your children will be primed to accept the ways of God.  Their minds will be partially transformed before they even start trying to understand Scripture.  This is the power of love as defined in Scripture.  

Do you see the negative traits of your Mom, Dad, or other people in your life?  You might even be able to look back a few generations and see the curse as it has passed down.  Do not be angry with those people, but start loving them as God has prescribed.  Love yourself and quit putting yourself down.  Love your neighbors and enemies too.

Love is complex.  It is not static, but change depending on the person and the situation.  If we say something to one person, it might seem loving but the same words to another could cut deeply.  We have to know them well enough to know how to love them.  The Word of God teaches us how to do this.  Now, go dust off your Bible, find a good Bible-teaching church, learn how to love better, and BREAK THAT CURSE!


Leave me a comment.  How are you breaking generational curses?

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!


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