Search Me O God


Search Me O God

“Search me O God.” The Psalmist asks God to search his heart confident God will give grace.  Intellectually, we know that God is omnipresent and omniscient, but the issues of life can drive our knowledge of His essence right out of our minds.  Psalm 139 is one of the most transcendent passages in Scripture.  David, under pressure from enemies that hate him, reminds Himself that God already knows everything.  Nothing can be hidden from the presence of God.  He knows our thoughts before they reach our tongue to be spoken.  He is more aware of my physical and emotional bearing than I am.  Seriously, half the time, I am befuddled by the pace and direction the world spins politically, socially, and even religiously.  How can I understand these things?  But, like David, I find comfort in the stillness of His awareness of all things everywhere.  Where can we go to hide from the Lord?  Our thoughts are as clear to Him as a giant neon billboard along the highway.

It is in this knowledge of God’s pervading presence where nook and cranny cannot hide that David cries out, “Search me O God and know my anxious thoughts.”

He does not ask God to search his heart for God’s knowledge because God already knows everything in his heart.  God knows everything in your heart.  He knows every innocent and perverse thought we have entertained.  David is asking God to reveal to David what he doesn’t know about himself.  Isn’t it something how we can block out the parts of us we don’t want to see.  Knowing our wicked thoughts and impure desires oblige us to build a wall in our mind blinding us from what we are ashamed of and the sin we refuse to release.  David is fully aware of his unawareness and He calls out to the Lord for help.  The Lord is our ever-present help in trouble.  He has known our impurity and wickedness, yet has not condemned our soul.  He has known the sin we grasp so tightly, yet He has continued to bless us anyway.

To grasp the knowledge God has of every particle of air that passes through our lungs, every hair on our head, every electrical impulse in our brain, every dream, every desire, every sin, and every praise stills our fear and opens our heart to the God who knows us at our worst and loves us anyway.  We are confident to receive grace as He reveals that which is unholy within because He has known it all along and lavishly poured out love and grace still.

Do not be afraid to let God search your heart and show you what you need to escape from.  He is not the guard who locks the cell.  He is the angel leading you out opening doors that others have locked to keep you imprisoned to your own fear and addiction.  Search me O God.  Let this be your prayer this morning and may you find rest in the knowledge of God that has soaked through the mental firewalls we have installed.  He is God.  He is good.  He is love.  He is forgiveness.  And He is all of this with full knowledge of your anxious thoughts.

When you meditate on this, what does it mean to you?  Leave me a comment and a prayer for God to search your heart.

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!





Comments (2)

  1. Eddie Burnett

    Thank-you Pastor.

    Prayers that God would search my heart and root out and bring to light anything that is hindering my walk with Him and that i’m being all He wants me to be. I feel like i’m stuck and don’t know what he wants me to do next in my life. I also need to be more consistent in my prayer life and studying His word. It starts with me being more consistent in these areas. What is God’s perfect plan in my life?

    1. User Avatar

      Eddie, finding God’s plan is not easy. His plan for us does not fit into the same mindset as we might think of it. I would recommend reading my book: Prepare For Greater Things. Have you read this already? If you would like to read it and don’t have a copy, let me know and I’ll get you one 🙂 I really think it would help you in your search for God’s plan for your life.

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