Laughing at God


Laughing at God


Sarah was caught laughing at God when the angels said she would have a baby in her old age. 

We love to hear about miracles. 

In my church experience, people love to have a guest speaker that shares their testimony of how God moved in a miraculous way.  We are moved by the supernatural.  One of the reasons that Jesus performed so many miracles was to give evidence that He was from God.  

Not only do we enjoy hearing testimony of miracles, we believe in miracles, don’t we?  We believe God can heal cancer.  We believe God can soften the hardened heart of sinners.  We believe He will send His angels to stand guard over our homes and our children.  We believe in miracles…except sometimes we don’t.

One of the most amazing things in Scripture to me was when Jesus went to His hometown and He was unable to heal many people.  Some were healed, but others were not because they did not believe.  It was harder to believe for them because they had known Jesus was He was still in diapers.  They saw Him kicking the ball around the streets when He was just a wee little child so their mind had difficulty accepting Him as anything more than what they knew Him to be.  But our relationship with Christ did not begin with us knowing the child, but the Risen Lord.  From the time we accepted Him as Lord and Savior, He has been nothing short of God able to do miracles.

Sarah laughed at God. 

When the angels came to Abraham and told him that Sarah would have a baby in her old age, she laughed.  Have you ever laughed at God?  Ever had a dream for your life, then laughed it off because it seemed so far beyond what was possible?  I have.  I did for so many years and still do at times, but I am working on it.  I am working to accept God at His word.  All things are possible with God (Genesis 18:14).  

Sarah’s struggle was not her faith in God, but her lack of faith of her own body.  She saw the physical limitations and responded as if her limitations were somehow limiting God.  But the Bible teaches us just the opposite.  In our weakness, He is strong (2 Corinthians 12:10).  

We miss God’s plan. 

I don’t mean we miss His plan for our life, but we miss His whole plan.  What did God do with Abram?  He chose Abram and to bless Abram for Abram to be a blessing to other nations.  The only way other nations might be blessed or touched by God would be if God was revealed to them.  God’s plan was to choose a man, bless Him, and through His blessings and the man’s testimony of the man, the invisible God would be revealed to other nations.  He did miracles for Abram and for Israel, but not just for them, but so that through them others might see Him.

God is still in the business of revelation by means of doing miracles through His followers.  He wants to do the impossible for you so you can testify to others that they might find Him.  It is not just about you.  You are in the same covenant as Abram, blessed to be a blessing.  

God has given us dreams for our life that we might be blessed to be a blessing.  It will take miracles to see these dreams come to pass, but God’s plan to reach the world runs through His miracles in your life. 

Stop laughing at God and start believing. 

Leave me a comment.  In what area of your life do you need to stop laughing at God and start believing??


Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!




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