Can We All Get Along?


Can We All Get Along?

Los Angeles, 1992

I think it was Rodney King who first said, “Can we all get along?”  Rodney King was the African American man who led the police through the streets of Los Angeles on a 100 mile an hour car chase.  When he pulled over, he was told to leave the car and lay down. He complied, unarmed but the police began to beat him severely. He should have been arrested, but he was beaten almost to death.  It was caught on video. Then the policemen involved were acquitted. The city was nearly burned down by the protests. The tension only increased leading Rodney King, a year after his beating, to ask the world if we can just get along.

That was 1992 and I don’t think much has changed.  We still live in a world full of strife, divorce, road rage, terrorism, and hatred.  We are still not getting along. And I think many of us have the same sentiment as Rodney King.  We wonder if things will ever get better in our society. Jesus foretold that as the end comes near, love will wax cold (Matthew 24:12).  He said because of the increase of wickedness, love will simply grow cold. This is our plight on Earth, but for anyone who is tired of all the fighting, let me tell you there is another day coming.  And that brings us to the Verse of the Day:


Revelation 7:9

9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.




This is the scene in Heaven.  Every race, every people group, and every language standing before the Lord wearing white robes and holding palm branches, united as one.  If we get nothing else out of this passage, we get hope that one day we will be carried away to a place where we all get along. No more racism.  No more beatings. No more politicians yelling at one another. No more war. What a day that shall be when my Jesus I shall see!


We Mustn’t Lose Hope

Thinking about the prophecy of Jesus and love dying gives a dark outlook, but we mustn’t lose hope.  The vision of John of every nation, tribe and language gathered together as one gives us hope. It is possible.  God loves every race, color, and language and so should we. We are all works of art from the same Great Artist. The same fingerprints cover every human body no matter the race or color.  Together we are a beautiful collage perfectly put together by our Maker. We all have this in common and out of this, the Lord calls us to do all we can to live at peace with everyone (Romans 12:18).  

I do realize that we even struggle to get along in our own homes much less overcome the hatred and tension from race relations and politics.  But if I remember correctly and I think I do, we are called to pray for the Kingdom to come here and for God’s will to be done (Matthew 6:10).  Even though John is giving us a description of a supernatural vision, to him, and so unto us, it appears that we maintain our racial diversity in Heaven.  God must really love us just as we are.  Shouldn’t we?  Let’s face it.  When we all come together, we make for a pretty stinkin’ beautiful work of art.


Not everyone will, but we can

No matter how hard we try, not everyone will want to get along, but we do our best remembering that total unity occurs when Jesus is in the center.  Love, grace, and truth are the foundation of getting along. We must love everyone despite our disagreements. We must bind the spirit that justifies hatred based on disagreement.  We must not be tempted by the same spirit to an offense that causes us to lash out. But let us be patient and kind, and loving even if we disagree.  

As we keep Christ in the center of our life, we will be filled with His love, His grace, and His truth.  The world will still hate us collectively. Jesus warned us about that as well. But that doesn’t mean salting our conversations with grace will not bring peace in our immediate circles of influence.  In fact, Scripture teaches that if we live to please the Lord, one result is that our even our enemies will be at peace with us (Proverbs 16:7).

There might not ever be peace on Earth until Christ comes, but there can be more peace in the little world where you live each day.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts of our world and how we, as believers, can usher in more peace where we live every day.

I hope you will like and share these posts.  Let’s encourage people today to be better and to love better.

Live Blessed and Be a Blessing!


Pastor Lee and AmyPastor Lee is a pastor and Biblical life coach.  He has been helping people through counseling, pastoring, teaching, and preaching for 20+ years.  His ministry focuses on helping people overcome the strongholds of the past and press on into God’s plan for an abundant life.  He has been married to his wife, Amy for 28 years.  He has three sons and one daughter-in-love.  For more about Pastor Lee or to get some Biblical advice, go to the About page.

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  1. Judy Argo

    Beautifully said! Love you!

    1. User Avatar

      Thank you Judy. Love you too!

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