Attack on Gender-Specific Pronouns


Attack on Gender-Specific Pronouns

The Canadian army will no longer use gender specific pronouns in official documents.  It’s a sign of the times.  The sexual freedom movement has worked tirelessly and quite successfully to transform the traditional idea of sexual expression.  Most recently, there has been an attack on pronouns simply because some people who are the physical make-up of one gender have self-identified as the other gender, both, or neither.  Consequently, personal pronouns are now offensive to this new society.  

As Christians, we need to fully understand the implication of the ban on personal pronouns.  The sexual freedom movement attempts to move society in this direction to allow people to express their sexuality in whatever way they feel is right for them.  And our society is being moved by their push.  But the further we are moved, the more we miss the incredible lesson God is teaching through male and female sexes.

Sex produces life.  Sex produces a baby that needs to be cared for, nurtured, held, loved.  Sex creates opportunities to love.  Human beings are at our greatest potential when we love unconditionally.  Unconditional love ushers in peace, unity, meaning, and fulfillment in our relationships.  God commanded, not requested, Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply the Earth.  The command was never intended to be a burden, but a way to a greater and more fulfilling life.

The sexual freedom movement places pleasure as the main purpose of sex.  The attempt to make personal pronouns politically incorrect is to blur the lines between male and female to further this cause.  The thought is by shutting down personal pronouns, the lines between male and female are blurred making sexual freedom more readily accepted.  

God has given us sex to create opportunities for self-sacrificial love not self-indulgent pleasure.  

The institution of marriage between a man and woman with a lifelong commitment and sex between husband and wife work to make each spouse more self-sacrificing in their love.  When there is no commitment and sex can be had with anyone, any gender, at any time, the end result is a society addicted to pleasure, not love. It is a society drunk in self-gratification.

Abortion also fits into this narrative.  Sexual freedom can produce a lot of babies.  One of God’s main purposes for sex is babies to teach us how to be self-sacrifiial, but when abortion is a medical procedure instead of murder, the sexual freedom parade marches on unencumbered.  

The enemy has deceived us into believing that more please equals a better life, and the pleasure of sex is the goal, the peak, the high point of life.  Love is left behind.  

Christians must understand why God created the sexes and why it is important to our society that we might not be swept up in politically correct, unBiblical principles.

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